A Toolkit for Advocates: Sharing the Musawah Framework and Key Messages 

This gender equality Toolkit is designed to help Advocates:

• Think about equality and justice in the Muslim family and the key ideas in the Musawah Framework
• Introduce Musawah and its Framework to our constituencies
• Promote the Musawah Key Messages to allies, the media, decision-makers, donors, etc
• Find other key Musawah analyses and resources, for example, our website and publications

We want to get everyone thinking and talking about the issues of equality and justice in the Muslim family and about Musawah. The Toolkit only suggests some ways of thinking about Muslim family laws and practices: it’s the debate and open discussion that is important.

The accompanying Facilitator Notes provide a short list of possible learnings or discussion aims for each section in the Toolkit to further guide the facilitator.

What does the Toolkit include?

Inside the Toolkit you will find:

• Explanations for the main terms in the Key Messages and the Musawah Framework. Each section is designed to be a stand-alone, so you can use it in whatever order works best for you;
• Suggested activities for you to do on your own or with a group of Advocates or your constituencies, to start thinking about Musawah and discussing its approach;
• Suggested follow-up activities like accessing online audio-visual clips of Musawah Advocates speaking about their experiences and ideas; information to find out or research to do and share with other Advocates; resources to read and websites to check out.

This Toolkit is not a general guide about how to do advocacy. Many excellent resources already exist which can give you ideas about how to do advocacy with people, how to promote your ideas to decision-makers or the media. The Toolkit shares a few examples.

We hope this Toolkit helps to bring the Musawah Framework to life for you.

We also hope it gives you information and inspiration, and equips you and those you work with to be an active part of our global movement to ensure equality and justice in the family.

How can I get the Toolkit?

Click the links below to download it in parts (PDF):

1. Suggestions for Using This Toolkit

2. About Musawah and Key Messages

3. Equality, Justice and the Muslim Family

4. An Inclusive Global Movement

5. Structures and Framework for Action

6. Some Background Papers

7. Faciliator Notes

Access additional articles and reports about promoting equality in the Muslim family at the Musawah Resource Library.



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